Friday 30 April 2010



This brush is made from synthetic hair and suitable for use with the majority of cream/liquid based cosmetic products as it is easy to clean afterwards. For hygiene reasons this brush should be cleaned after every use as foundation for example will 'go off' on the brush overnight. Use a shampoo and warm water or a professional brush cleaner, after you have cleaned the brush leave it to air dry on the edge of a surface so that air is able to circulate the entire brush head.

Apply foundation to the tip of the brush only, there is no need to apply foundation to the entire brush head. Begin by applying foundation to the centre of the face nose, forehead and chin using the brush to blend the product outwards evenly towards the hairline, you generally need a little more coverage in the central parts of the face. I mostly opt for a dampended brush to apply foundation as it makes the brush easier to control.
Use the brush to blend the foundation until you can see no visible strips of colour. When applying product to the brush do not rub the brush into the product, apply a minimal amount of make-up to the brush tip and apply a little to the face at a time. Keep adding more product and blending until you achieve the desired coverage you are looking for. This is great because you can achieve a very natural coverage or a heavy duty coverage depending on how you use the brush to control the product. When applying the make-up use a firm yet gentle pressure to control the application. If the end result appears to thick and heavy, you have either applied to much product to the brush or simply added too much not knowing when to finish. Use only the tiniest amount of foundation at a time to see a difference, less really is more!

A foundation or base brush as they are sometimes known can also be used to apply other cream and liquid products as well as simply foundation. I often use them to apply cream or liquid blushers as well as liquid bronzers and highlighters. This brush is also ideal for applying body make-up, perhaps a highlighter across the decolletage or concealing a scar or tattoo with cover-up make-up.

Foundation brushes may not always be convenient to everybody for every day use in our often hectic and busy lifestyles, however they are certainly worth using for a great night out or a special occasion. Using a brush to apply foundation results in a flawless and an ultra long-lasting finish to your make-up. As with all make-up brushes invest in one and look after it and it will last you a very long time.

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