Tuesday 10 May 2011


The basics...

  • Six to eight good hours sleep

  • Hydrate with plenty of water throughout the day

  • A healthy diet including fruit and vegetables and excersise at least three times a week

  • A daily routine of moisturing the eye area night and morning. Pat eye products gently around the orbital bone not too close to the eye using your ring finger.

The make up...

  • Apply a tiny amount of peach toned colour corrector onto the dark area under the eye using a make up brush, preferably made from synthetic hair. Pat with fingertip to blend into the skin evenly.

  • Apply a little undereye liteweight concealer, again using a make up brush. Once again, use a fingertip to pat and blend the concealer. Remember, less is more you only need a little amount of product on the brush.

  • Apply a highlighting pen directly to the shadowed area, a tiny amount is necessary. Pat with fingertip to blend and smooth into the skin for a natural finish.

  • Set with a little, light dusing of powder using a small brush. Tap excess powder off the brush before application.

  • Neutralise the colour on your eyelids using a good eyebase before applying any eyeshadow. Set with a Cream or bone coloured matte shadow to achieve the perfect blank canvas before applying colours.

  • Use a liquid/cream/powder highlighter under the browbone and at the inner and outer corner of the eyes dabbed lightly with a finger or a brush to really brighten the eyes.

  • Apply an off white pencil inside the rim of the lower eyelid to awaken the eyes.

  • Apply a lighter eyeshadow on the lid and a deeper shade in the eye socket and outer corner, this will also help to open the eyes .

  • Complete eye make up with mascara and eyeliner to define the eyes.

Niki Loves...

  • Bobbi Brown's peach corrector and Georgio Armani's master corrector

  • Laura Mercier's under eye secret concealer

  • YSL Touche eclat highlighting pen

  • MAC #217 or #224 brushes

  • Laura Mercier Invisible loose setting powder

  • MAC Eyepaint shade: Untitled

  • Highlighters include Daniel sandler watercolour 'Icing', MAC cream colour base 'Pearl' and Benefit 'highbeam'

  • Benefit eyebright pencil

  • MAC and Bobbi Brown eyeshadows

  • Maybelline and Max factor mascaras

Thursday 5 May 2011

My Make-up artist top tips for applying strip eyelashes!

Apply normal eye make-up i.e shadow, liner mascara first.

I would recommend buying some Duo adhesive available at MAC cosmetics and specialist make up shop Charles Fox, Covent Garden. I find the glue in a lot of the lash kits not strong enough to keep the lashes on properly and they start to lift off. This glue however, I have used for years on many clients and never have a problem. It is a very gentle glue as well and suitable for sensitive skin.

Always hold the strip lash roughly in place of where you are going to position it before applying glue as they are more often than not too long and may need the edge simply trimmed off with a small pair of nail scissors so it fits perfectly. Apply glue to the lash strip I usually use the end of a narrow make up brush which can easily be wiped clean afterwards. Allow the glue to become a little tacky for a few seconds before application this will ensure it sticks well.

Apply the lash looking down slightly but directly into a large mirror, magnifying if possible.You can use tweezers to hold the lash in the middle as you position it as close to the lash line as possible and then gently move it to set in line with your own lashes. Sometimes on myself I find it easier without tweezers just using my fingers so play around and find what works best for you. Again at this point I will use a clean make up brush with a fine end to gently press down the lash strip to ensure the glue sets well. You can use cotton buds but I sometimes find fine fibres from them and these can get into the eye.

Repeat on the other eye. Now apply a little mascara if you feel it necessary to blend some of your own lashes into the false ones. From experience this is usually more noticeable towards the outer corner of the eye. The important bit is to get right in at the root of the lashes to lift the mascara though your lashes and into the false ones. To finish off at this point I usually add a little more eyeliner gently to the top lash line this will help to further disguise any gaps between your own lashes and the falsies.

Wednesday 4 May 2011


I have just purchased two new lipcolours for my make-up kit. I was specifically looking for sheer fresh looking pinks to achieve a natural hint of pink to the lips. As a make up artist you would think I would have these shades already but recently I have been struggling to achieve the colour I want from the colours I have, which incidentally is a lot!

The two lucky lippies I chose are Christian Dior 'Dior Addict' shade '353 Blush' and MAC 'Sheen supreme' shade 'Bare again'. The MAC lipstick is slightly more of a nude pink whereas the Dior one has a little kick more of colour. Both lipsticks feel lovely and moisturising on and leave lips with a beautiful moist appearance. I particularly like the feel of the Dior Addict lippie and will definitely be investing in some more colours.

These new formulation of lipsticks are much sheerer and glossier in appearance than your normal choice of lipstick. I absolutely love both of them for the colour, payoff and packaging.
The MAC is in sleek black shiny casing and the Dior is in chunky clear almost iridescent plastic which I love because it looks and feels ultra expensive to me anyway!

Neither has actually made it into my kit yet as I have obviously had to try them out on myself numerous times..........

Wednesday 27 April 2011

My top five products for Make up that will last the day

1) Daniel Sandler Retextursing face primer - keeps make up on and smoothes fine lines and pores at the same time.

2) MAC eyepaints- I have used this fabulous product for years as an eyeshadow base and its still the best I have found for keeping shadows on all day and without creasing!

3) Daniel Sandler Watercolour blushers- Blusher no longer wears off by lunchtime! In a beautiful array of colours theres definitely one to suit every skintone and you will still have a healthy flush at midnight!

4) MAC splashproof Black mascara - tried and tested. An old favourite of mine.

5) Bobbi Brown Longwear gel eyeliner - Fabulously long wearing liner thats lasts well and comes in a great choice of colours.

A little blog from my recent Dubai trip.

A little bit of Henna fun on board a Dubai river cruise!

Saturday 2 April 2011

Bridal Make-up must have!

Daniel Sandler Retexturising primer -A little miracle in a tube!

I have tried numerous primer's but Daniel Sandler's is my favourite and an absoulute staple item in my make-up kit.

Moisturise skin as normal then apply a large pea sized amount to the face. Focus specifically around the eyes, mouth and forehead for an ultra smooth complexion.

Apply this silky light weight primer before foundation to keep make up in place all day and help foundation glide onto the skin smoothly.

This Primer is a colourless silicone based gel. It glides onto the skin like silk, is light reflecting and oil-free. The product is suitable for all skin types and really does smooth away fine lines and wrinkles for a flawless complexion.

Monday 17 January 2011


Stunning Anne Hathaway dazzled at The Golden Globes in a low backed Armani gown. Hair worn loose and glossy complimented her beautiful feminine make-up.

Make-up Artist Kate Lee used mostly Chanel make up to achieve the look.

Skin: Chanel Sublimage Concentrate, NARS oil free pro prime, Chanel Vitalumiere foundation, kevyn Aucoin blusher, Chanel natural finish pressed powder.

Eyes: Chanel fluid iridescent eyeshadow in 'sand' (rose gold), blended with taupe in the socket line. Lahes were curled and Chanel Inimiatable waterproof black mascara applied.

Lips: Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in 'Maidmoiselle' and Chanel Coco Shine in 'Bel Amie'(availble in April).


A belated Happy New Year! My first blog of 2011... oh dear I have been a bit slack but hope this makes up for it! What beter way to break back into blogging mode than to check out some of the Golden Globe beauties.

Natalie Portman scooped a Golden Globe for 'Best Actress' in the film 'Black Swan'. She looked beautiful in a pink 'Victor & Rolf 'dress with red flower and as the face of Miss Dior Cherie sported a beautifully flawless, luminous make-up at the awards.

Her Make up artist Sarai Fiszel achieved Natalie's look using Dior make-up.

Skin: Dior Hydra Life Sorbet Creme, Dior Skin Forever Extreme wear make-up #020 and Dior blush in 'Rosebud'.

Eyes: Dior five colour shadow (soft pinks) #018, Dior waterproof eyeliner in 'Trinidad black' Diorshow lash Maximizer, Diorshow Iconic mascara.

Lips: Dior Lipcolour 'Star fuchsia' #766