Monday 18 September 2017

My Bridal Top Tips!

My Tried & Tested Beauty Regime in the Six month Countdown to the Big Day!

Get Active
Exercise at least 3 times per week, drink plenty of water and follow a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables. Meditate and make time for yourself.
Vitamin A is essential for skin repair and maintenance.  Boost your intake by eating plenty of kale, sweet potato, carrots, and spinach.

Take a good multi vitamin to promote energy levels and your general health.
B7 (biotin) is also worth considering for healthy nails and hair.

Get yourself into a daily “good health” routine.

Healthy Glow
Daily routine is key here.  As mentioned drinking plenty of water, exercising, following a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables and taking a good multi vitamin will all help your skin to look its best.
Facials in the months leading up to the wedding are a great idea but not too close to the day itself to avoid a possible breakout.
Moisturise night and morning, using a separate eye cream as well as a serum applied before moisturiser for deeper hydration. Massage cream’s well into the skin using your fingertips.  Use your ring finger to pat eye cream around the orbital bone not too close to the eye area as the delicate skin here will draw moisture up towards the eye. I also highly recommend Rosehip oil; it is great for massaging in for blemish free super smooth skin.

Do not use wipes these are an occasional quick fix not for everyday cleansing.   Use a proper cleanser for your skin type, a gel, a cream or foam.  If you are a makeup wearer always remove makeup at night and double cleanse. The first cleanse removes makeup and pollution, the second removes dead skin cells and further residue on the skin.

Begin exfoliating once a week; use a mask after exfoliating for a hydrated, radiant glow.


Use conditioning hair treatments at home for strong and shiny hair.

Get regular haircuts in the lead up to the wedding every 6-8 weeks and look at having any hair trials 3-6 months before the day.  Consider the style of your dress, if you will wear a veil or any hair accessories, the venue and your general styling when thinking about your hair for the big day.  Have images and as much information to hand to show to your hair stylist.

Wash hair ideally the night before the wedding and use no heated irons or products afterwards. Leave hair clean for your stylist to work with on the day.

Do not radically change your haircut before the wedding and especially not after a wedding hair trial.  Trim your hair 2 weeks before the wedding day and if colouring do this around 10 days before.

Have an emergency wedding day kit of hairspray, grips, tissues, mints, lippie and powder.


Massage nails daily with a cuticle cream or ‘Lucas Papaw’, a great balm for cuticles, cracked heels, dry skin, bites and burns. Get yourself into a routine of using a hand cream daily.  Wear gloves to protect nails and hands when washing up and doing household cleaning.  My top tip is to massage in any remaining moisturiser or serum to the back of your hands at night after you have moisturised your face.

Ideally do DIY manicure’s and pedicure’s at home from now onwards or go to a salon to start getting your hands and feet in tip top condition.  Use a foot file, exfoliating soak and foot cream. Always use a base and topcoat when applying colour.

If you are a nail biter try having acrylic nails applied or a gel manicure as you would not want to ruin this by gnawing it away or waste the money having it done I am sure.  This way you will also know if you will like to continue to have  it for the wedding itself as these methods will last longer than a standard painted manicure.

Have a manicure and pedicure the day before the wedding it is a good excuse for a chance to sit and relax maybe include friends or the mothers of the bride and groom to enjoy some pampering too as I am sure emotions are running high all around at this point and a little time out is necessary.

Makeup trends are best not followed! Think Grace Kelly and keep makeup timeless and classic.  Although the current trend for glowy skin is a pretty safe bet. Pink is also the colour of 2017 bridal makeup and you cannot really go wrong with a fresh flush of pink within the eye makeup, blusher shade or lip colour.  Take into account your dress, venue, general wedding styling and most importantly your skin tone and hair colouring when considering bridal makeup.  The most common mistake I often see is too much or too little make up and this is a hard balance to achieve.  Be advised by your professional makeup artist for the day. Do not follow trends i.e contouring or strong eyebrows these are current trends and will absolutely date in your photographs. Think of some of the 1980s brides and how they dislike their wedding images now! Choose natural shades but do not change your normal makeup look completely just make it better and more polished. Opt for long wear and waterproof options. Book a Makeup Artist and always have a trial before the wedding day ideally 3-6 months before.  Make sure you have lipstick and powder for touch up’s on the day. Avoid SPF on the day to avoid any flash back in photographs.

A Spa day or a massage is a great idea the day before to keep you relaxed and stress free.  Do not leave everything to the last minute and have no time for relaxing and enjoying the evening before the big day and generally getting your head together.

I recommend using a gradual tan rather than self-tan, sunbeds or a spray tan. Saint Tropez does an excellent one. However if you like spray tans plan to have this a few days before so the colour adjusts and will not wear off onto your dress.

Any waxing should also be done a few days/one week before so that no redness or markings are left.

The night before the Big day get an early night and rest assured you have done all you can and just enjoy the wedding day!

All photos above are my own work, hairstyling services are also available by request.

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Friday 8 September 2017

The Secrets to Victoria Beckhams favourite look...

Victoria Beckham has just launched her second makeup collection with Estée Lauder.

Victoria's favourite look is a strong smokey eye and a nude lip, indeed she doesn't leave the house without a nude lippie.

Working alongside her favourite makeup artist Wendy Rowe, Victoria gave her top five secrets to achieving her favourite look.

1) Achieve Flawless skin! Illuminate and even out the skin tone. Use a moisturising primer then apply a little foundation to even the skin tone. You could try the 'Morning Aura Illuminating cream' £72.00 (image above).

2) Use a vanilla eye pencil in the waterline to make eyes look awake and fresher. The secret to her smoky eye is to then apply a kohl pencil into the eyelashes and all around the eyes and set with powder.  You can smudge it with a finger tip, it looks like you have not tried too hard.

3) Open eyes with colour.  Apply a shadow through the sockets in circular movements with a fluffy blender brush. The shade 'Bordeaux' is a great colour for any skin tone and looks luxurious.  Apply strong mascara to finish.

4) Victoria is obsessed with Nude lipliner.  Try a shade one tone lighter than your natural lip colour.  Next apply a nude pink shade of lipstick onto the centre of the top and bottom lip to create the illusion of fuller lips. The perfect nude lip colour is £38.00 in shade 'Victoria' (image above).

5) Apply bronzer to contour or dust all over into the hairline and under the cheekbones.
To finish apply illuminating primer onto the back of your hand and dab onto the top of the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and the cupids bow.

Watch the full tutorial with Victoria and Wendy here:

Shop here:

Thursday 7 September 2017