Monday 27 April 2020

April Update!

I have actually been enjoying lockdown having time to just slow down has been so lovely!  Aside from the small fact of not earning any money being freelance I am enjoying the time to be more mindful.
I have realised just how busy I am and how much I rush around. From now on I aim to actually just do less, venture out less to have more time! I have read two book's in a week and am now on a third, something I never have time do except on holiday usually.
I am also using the slower pace to catch up on the thing's that I love to do that usually take a back seat, like my passion for art.  I have started with some therapeutic pebble painting which certainly helped me to entertain myself over the long easter weekend.
I have begun meditating most days, enjoyed cycling with my husband which has made me feel like a kid again as I haven't cycled in years! I also have a new found love of jazz music!
With the weather being mostly glorious I have taken full advantage of being able to spend time outside in the garden and enjoy beautiful daily countryside dog walks.  The spring flowers have been absolutely stunning his year.

Mum surprised us with a lovely arrival of flowers for Easter.

I actually had two Hotel Chocolate easter egg's as well but I gobbled these too quickly for photos!

Work wise, 2021 is looking very busy now as a lot of this year's brides have re-scheduled their dates to next year plus I have also been taking new booking's. I am keeping myself very busy blogging, painting, training, and doing accounts and website updates.

Have you started anything new during Lockdown? I would love to know!

Niki x

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Friday 24 April 2020


Anthelios 50+ is a light and non-greasy sun protection fluid, offering very high UVB & UVA protection.

*Packaged in a 50ml small and lightweight bottle ideal for your handbag.

*Non-perfumed and specifically developed for sensitive skin.

*Non Eye-stinging

*Non-sticky and no white marks

*Ultra sweat, sand and water resistant.

*Shake well before use.


RRP. £17.50

Tuesday 14 April 2020

Tuesday Tip: Twenty Lipstick fixes!

Twenty Lipstick Fixes! 

*Choose matte lipsticks or long-wearing formulas for less re-touching.

*Opt for nude shades, similar shades to your own lip colour to make the lips appear fuller.

*Choose a shade or two darker than your lip tone if you want to make your lips appear smaller.

*Use a lip brush for precision when using reds or darker shades.

*Choose a blusher in the same colour family as your chosen lipstick.

*Use two shades of lipstick, apply the lighter shade to the centre of the lips to give the illusion of a fuller pout.

*Apply lip gloss to the centre of the lips and press lips together to avoid the gloss migrating.

*Do apply lip liner to define your lip shape, choose a shade darker or similar to your lip tone.

*Use a lip pencil to fill in the entire lips in short feathery strokes before applying lipstick this is a great base to lock in your lipstick for longer.

*Always sharpen your lip liner prior to use to achieve the best line.

*When wearing red or a bold colour it is good to apply a little concealer with a brush to the outside edge of your lips afterwards to keep the lip line clean and sharp.

*Layer lip colour by applying two or three coats of lipstick, blot with a tissue between each coat for longer lasting colour.

*Bright lipstick shades will draw attention to your teeth so make sure you are happy with that.

*Blot lip colour with a tissue to remove excess colour, you can also dust a little powder on a brush over a veil of tissue held over the lips to set colour in place.  

*Use a finger to keep patting lip colour into the lips this will create a much softer version of the colour.

*Use a highlighter on your cupid's bow to define lips and make lips look fuller.

*Apply a good lip balm prior to lip colour.  Allow long enough for it to sink in the lips and hydrate them, blot before applying lip colour.

*Apply a little concealer or foundation onto the edges of the lips before applying liner and colour, this makes it easier to draw your lip line to its fullest.

*To clean lip brushes and long-wear formulas of lipstick use an oil based eye makeup remover.

*Lastly to avoid the faux par of lipstick on your teeth place your index finger into your mouth, purse your lips around it and pull your finger out. If there is any lipstick on the inside of your lips this will now have transferred onto your fingers.

Friday 10 April 2020

Friday Fave! MAC Brush Cleanser


This cleanser will clean and condition your makeup brushes.

It is quick and easy to use and will extend the life of your brushes if used regularly and correctly.

This cleanser leaves brushes smelling fresh and clean fast.

To use simply apply a little cleanser to the brush hairs/fibres or onto a paper towel and then gently sweep the brush backwards and forwards until there is no more makeup residue.

Always leave brushes to dry with the brush head over hanging a surface so that air can circulate the head.

£12.50 235ml.

Saturday 4 April 2020

Super Supplier Saturday! Wedding Photographer Esmé Robinson

My next Super Saturday Wedding Supplier is Esmé Robinson who is a Bedfordshire based Photographer with over fifteen years experience.  Esmé began taking photographs as little girl when her dad brought her an SLR camera for her tenth birthday, she has been photographing ever since.  Now Esmé is fully qualified with The Masters Photography Association, The British Institute for Professional Photographers and The Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers.  
Her photography in her own words is all about capturing the love - between couples, parents and children and family members.  
As the image below shows Esmé will always be full of fun and energy on your wedding day!  I am lucky enough to have worked with Esmé at many weddings and can say she is really great to have around and super talented as well!

Esmé Robinson Q & A:

What advice would you give to couples currently searching for a Photographer?

Corona specific: We still need to be making forward plans, it is so important to keeping things moving and for our own well-being. 2021 and 22 now look to be bumper years with so many couples changing their dates. Keep booking things up if you can. 
Non-Corona specific; 
I think of it a little bit like a job interview, you wouldn't necessarily want to employ someone with the flashiest looking CV.  I would, instead, ask questions about how long they have been doing it? Are they fully insured? Do they have any industry qualifications or awards? How would they handle a wet, rainy wedding day? If you have a rambunctious groups of guests, ask how they are at confidently organising group shots and ensure you see images taken in non-ideal situations as well as the sunny-day ones. 

How far in advance should a couple book you?

My average booking date is about 12 months to 2 years, but sometimes I have some peak dates still available just a few months before, so it is always worth enquiring. 

What is your top tip for Brides?

Brides (and grooms!) shouldn't worry too much about anything being "perfect",  for me some of the best and funniest moments that occur at weddings are the unplanned things that just happen! If some of the favours haven't arrived in time or the bouquet isn't exactly the right shade of pink. Dont worry! Nobody else will know but you and I promise you these things are not worth bothering about in the big scheme of things. 

Why do you love working in the wedding industry?

I love working in the wedding industry and we get to be a part of such a special day in a couples life! We get to see everyone looking their best, celebrating and relaxing and share in such a wonderful day.  Within the industry, I find the vast majority of suppliers are just so professional, friendly and so willing to help each other.  I know I am always happy to recommend others good suppliers like Niki, who are always fabulous to work with and help to keep our couples happy!

Describe your style?

I learnt on film, so my style is a little more classic than some photographers about at the moment.  I love to take natural and candid images of you and your guests having a great time; love toddler tantrums, grumpy guests and drunken exploits as much as the next photographer and take these as they happen throughout the day! However, I also feel there is an inherent value with timeless and classically styled images and I love to deliver these too. So my style generally tries to stay away from trends - ie: I didn't partake in the vintage photography look that was huge a few years ago - instead my images and editing like to represent true colours.  I think every couple, regardless of age etc deserve something classical and self-indulgent; something to pass down the family and something to shamelessly admire in 30 years time.


Why should a couple choose you?

I would hope a couple would choose me first and foremost because they got on with me and loved my work!  My couples come from all kind of backgrounds, so some might choose me as part of a huge budget and others might be having an intimate, relaxed wedding but prioritise funds for myself (something I always take as a huge honour). I imagine experience is reassuring, so many of me couples choose me because of my 13 years in the industry of 550+ weddings and hopefully all of my testimonials from happy couples help as well :) 
Even after all that time, I still love my job (occasionally slightly obsessively!) and find it such a privilege to shoot different couples and their versions of the perfect wedding day. 

Check out more of Esmé's work below: