Friday 17 December 2010

My year in pictures!

Bntm shoot the winner!

Some of this years brides getting ready on their big day!

Early starts are often the case on shoots so a good breakfast is a must!

Behind the scenes on a Shout magazine shoot...

Some of the delights I see at Location houses used for photoshoots...

A bit of kit!

Thursday 16 December 2010

Yesterday's Fashion & Beauty Shoot

Yesterday's shoot was all about pastels. Lots of denim outfits and ballerina style dresses. Very pretty, whimsical, girlie looks to come for spring 2011.

For the hair I did long loose waves and a pony tail with and without a quiff plus a high bun placing the hair around a doughnut ring. There was quite a few different looks mostly fifties inspired!

For the eye make up I used pale lilac and individual lashes for one look followed by yellow shadow with false lashes, then green eyeshadow and bright pink nails and to finish pale blue eyes...

Quite a busy day, one model but lots of changes plus we shot fashion as well as beauty.The image shows some of the products/colours used. The shoot will be out mid February for Shout Magazine.

Thursday 9 December 2010

Party make-up

Yesterday evening I did make-up for aproximately twenty five people at a christmas party in The Starland Social club in Wandsworth. I gave most of the clients a very quick smokey eye with some sparkle on top or liquid liner and false lashes with red lipstick. Everyone loved the false lashes and wanted those and most had never worn them! Most of the ladies had some sparkle too it went down really well! The theme of the party was 'a right royal christmas'. As guests arrived they were given a crown to wear and then they could have a little make-up whilst enjoying the evening. It was a great idea and the clients enjoyed something a bit different.

Products I mostly used to achieve the looks are listed below and I would reccommend to try over the christmas party season.

Eylure False lashes
MAC reflects glitter
MAC silver dust
MAC Ruby woo red lipstick
Bobbi Brown black gel liner
MAC carbon black shadow

Monday 6 December 2010

Benefit eye BRIGHT!

I have recently started using Benefit's 'eye BRIGHT' pencil and had to share it with you. I think this pencil is well worth the investment! Its become a firm staple in my personal make-up bag and its only my true 'fave' products that end up there and not in my kit!
A chunky pink toned pencil that brightens the eyes for a wide awake look... no fibbing this pencil really works. The difference after I apply it to the inner rim of my eyes is very noticeable. I really like this pencil as it is soft and easy to apply, many other liners I find are far too hard to use around the eye. The colour of the pencil is the main 'wow' factor for me as most brightening liners are white and appear to Stark and noticeable when worn. Other pencils I have tried are an off -white, almost yellow toned shade. These aren't as white looking on but they don't do or look that great either. The subtle soft pink hue of 'eye BRIGHT' really wakes up the eyes making them appear naturally bigger and brighter.

Award for the best eye brightening pencil definitely goes to Benefit!

Thursday 2 December 2010

INSPIRE:Whimsical Beauty Moodboard

This morning I have been having fun cutting and sticking - takes me back to my college days! I am doing a beauty test in a couple of weeks and I am planning to do strong eyes(vivid and intense shades of green,purple and gold). The lips will be a deepest, darkest red. I might have to throw in a bit of sparkle or reflects somewhere too, well it is the festive season! The whole feel of the make-up, hair and lighting will have a whimsical and dramatic vibe. I was inspired by christmas party glam', sparkle and glitz, and of course the snow!

Wednesday 1 December 2010

IN THE NEWS:Topshop make-up

Whilst Christmas shopping in St Albans today I saw Topshop had in their make-up range. I had a little messy fun! Below are my faves!

Make-up artist recommends:

creme blusher in 'nutmeg' and 'neon rose'
lip balm in 'dew' and 'sheen'
lip polish in 'iced coffee'
These were just a few of my favourites the range is actually quite good and I love the polka dot and stripes packaging. Some Topshop make-up would make a nice gift for a friend or a treat to yourself!