Thursday, 25 November 2021

Friday Fave! Lisa Eldridge Lip Colours

When I heard via Lisa Eldridge's social media channel that there was a pop up make up shop in Covent Garden until the end of the year including a Makeup Museum I literally could not wait to get into town!

My visit did not disappoint! A few of my snaps are below, some of her vintage makeup was such a treat to see, literally a make up artist/lover's dream! If you are in Covent Garden do try to visit before the New Year!  Full address: 7 North Piazza, Royal Opera House Arcade, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8HD

I purchased two lipsticks one is a new shade a True Velvet Matte lipstick in 'Velvet Petal'. It is a gorgeous light warm pink and feels lovely to wear, matte but not drying on the lips.  The packaging is stunning too. RRP £26.00

I also got a Luxuriously Lucent Lip colour which has more of a shine and satin finish.  This a blue-based light to medium rose pink.  This shade is beautiful to wear, ultra modern and perfect for summer brides!

There are also lip pencils, lip glosses, makeup bags and foundation as well as her make up book and jewellery collection available to purchase.

I love the pigment and feel of the lip colours so these are definitely Friday Faves!

Thursday, 18 November 2021

The Top 3 Questions I always get asked on a Wedding Morning!

A wedding morning is a flurry of activity mostly with bridesmaids and mums often getting ready altogether amongst hair and makeup artists, videographers and photographers.

I have been working in the bridal industry now for over fifteen years and I have seen and heard a lot, I could write a book! There are some questions I literally get asked all the time so I thought I would share my top three with you for a bit of pre-wedding insight!

Do you have any scissors? 

This has to be the number one question that I am asked at literally almost every wedding.  Those pesky little tags left on dresses, veils, hats, accessories and clutch bags are surprisingly more often than not left until the very last minute to be removed!

Which side do the Mum's wear their corsage?

I have an easy way to remember this one on the Big Day! On the right because women are always right!

Is the Makeup waterproof? What do I do if I cry?

Yes the makeup I use is all waterproof and long wearing as well as being applied in layers and set to last well, especially the eye-liner and mascara.  It is a given that most will shed a tear or two at the very least at an emotional event such as a wedding day especially following the Pandemic with weddings being able to finally go ahead after such a long wait.  It has been an emotional roller coaster for many couples and those working within the bridal industry. I always advise gentle dabbing with a tissue and the makeup should not be disturbed.

There are certainly a lot of other questions that are asked all the time such as can I borrow hairspray, does anyone have a safety pin, does anyone know how to tie a cravat, can I borrow a makeup brush, does anyone have any wet wipes, can I grab a plaster.... the list goes on....but the three above are by far the most popular so don't be caught out save time and cut off those tags in advance!  Pack a tissue for those tears and impress everyone with your corsage knowledge!

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Thursday, 11 November 2021

Friday Fave! YSL Touche Éclat Blur Primer

I have been testing out this primer for some months now, I like it so much it has remained in my makeup bag rather than going into my kit after initial testing so clearly I need to get another one! 

Firstly I love the bottle with pretty little flecks of expensive looking gold within the transparent serum.  It is super smooth and silky in texture and easily smoothes fine lines and open pores as well as providing a smooth base before foundation. Makeup glides on top of this primer beautifully, blending seamlessly.  I apply a small pea sized amount (one pump) to the back of my hand and smooth over my cheeks, forehead and chin using my fingertips.

A primer to blur any imperfections and boost skin's radiance at the same time as well as keeping makeup in place all day what more do you need? 

RRP £32.00

Thursday, 4 November 2021

Friday Fave! Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand

I recently purchased this highlighter and I love it!

Available in six shades, I have 'Spotlight' a beautiful light gold highlighter.  Other shades include Pillow Talk Original, Pillow Talk Medium, Goldgasm, Peachgasm and Pinkgasm.

This shade adds a gorgeous luminous, glowy highlight to different areas of the face and décolletage area.

It is designed with a cushion applicator for easy application.  Apply directly to the face or onto the back of the hand and pat and blend with fingertips.

Get your glow on!!

A happy new addition to my pro kit!

RRP £29.00

Available at

Saturday, 30 October 2021

October Update!

I am loving these sunny bright autumnal days and I am not usually a fan of autumn! It has been a lovely month I have taken a bit of me time to slow down the pace after an intense summer working.  I have watched lots of trash television... I absolutely love anything reality! I have also had lots of coffee and cake treats frequenting many of my local bakeries and generally got things in order that I have lacked the time to do recently!  I am now heading into the festive season feeling much more relaxed and on top of things again.

I started off October with hair and makeup for lovely Claire's bridal party at St Michaels Manor and returned the following week for Emily's Wedding.  I am very happy to be a recommended supplier at this beautiful local venue, it is definitely one of my favourites.

Emily's Hair & Makeup

Stunning Katherine's Wedding Day

I met with Rujita ahead of her graduation for makeup and a bouncy blow dry.

Bridal Makeup for Laura and her sister ahead of her wedding at Offley place. I was also back there there a few days later for Sara's wedding although I didn't get time to take any pictures.  Another local venue where I am privileged to be a recommended supplier.

Hair Trials - I offer hairstyling by individual request as I cannot always cater depending on the party size and ceremony time and I specialise in bridal makeup.  However I do also have a lovely hair stylist crew I regularly work with and can also recommend wherever possible.

It has been a busy month for weddings compared to other years due to limited available dates. I have also had lots of trials ahead of winter weddings, special occasion hair and makeup's and makeup lessons.  

Do drop me an email if you are interested in booking an appointment or reserving a wedding date.  I have limited dates available for 2022 now and am currently also taking bookings for 2023.

You can also book now for Christmas Special Occasion Hair & Makeup's.

Please see and Instagram @nikimakeup

January 2022 something new is coming to Niki Makeup HQ! Watch this space.

Thursday, 21 October 2021

Friday Fave: Charlotte Tilbury Jewel pots!

I am in love with the Limited Edition Charlotte Tilbury Jewel pots!  If you like sparkly eyes these are definitely for you!

I think these are perfect for the festive season ahead of us!

They are creme eyeshadows and are available in just the two shades WALK OF NO SHAME (copper creme sparkle) and PILLOW TALK (pink creme sparkle).

They come in the most adorably cute pots and I am really impressed at the staying power. I have been wearing Pillow Talk for a few weeks now and it stays put all day! I do wear my trusty MAC primer underneath which may help (MAC Soft Ochre paint pot).

They glide on easily and blend seamlessly, I usually apply and blend with my ring finger.

The Pillow Talk shade is an absolute must for Flower girls and Bridesmaids!

Limited edition.


Thursday, 14 October 2021

Can I wear SPF on my Wedding day?

SPF can cause flashback in photographs taken using a flash.  Flash back is a white cast that appears on the skin in photographs. 

The main ingredients causing this are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.  Silica and Silver Mica often found in mineral makeup and high definition powder because of the silky smooth finish they achieve are also a major culprit.

Be mindful when choosing 'Illuminating' and 'light reflecting' highlighters, moisturisers, primers, setting sprays, concealers and foundations as these can also increase the risk.  

Sunscreen products are designed to bounce light off the skin so therefore are definitely best avoided. 

It is worth noting SPF will not cause flash back with digital photography.

The safest foolproof way to avoid it is to not use SPF on the wedding day.  

Charlotte Tilbury now has a Primer SPF 50 that has no flashback I use this on most of my bridal clients as it keeps makeup in place, adds glow and smooths pores as well as protecting the skin. I  recommend this although when studying the ingredient list is also contains titanium dioxide.

There definitely are cosmetic products containing these ingredients that can be used, I advise always testing by taking a flash photograph before the big day.  For example, I have used Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in my professional kit forever and never had any flashback issues however I know a lot of people do with this particular foundation that contains SPF 10.  It could be down to the amount used/how it is applied as I use very little normally as I like to achieve natural looking skin or the powders that are used on top of it to set the makeup.

Chemical SPFs often used in makeup will also not cause it however mineral SPF such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide mentioned above can.  This is because of the opaque white pigments designed to reflect the suns harmful rays, reflect a camera flash on top of this and you are left with a white appearance.

Below are just some of the famous faces that have been caught out in the past!

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