Monday 6 December 2010

Benefit eye BRIGHT!

I have recently started using Benefit's 'eye BRIGHT' pencil and had to share it with you. I think this pencil is well worth the investment! Its become a firm staple in my personal make-up bag and its only my true 'fave' products that end up there and not in my kit!
A chunky pink toned pencil that brightens the eyes for a wide awake look... no fibbing this pencil really works. The difference after I apply it to the inner rim of my eyes is very noticeable. I really like this pencil as it is soft and easy to apply, many other liners I find are far too hard to use around the eye. The colour of the pencil is the main 'wow' factor for me as most brightening liners are white and appear to Stark and noticeable when worn. Other pencils I have tried are an off -white, almost yellow toned shade. These aren't as white looking on but they don't do or look that great either. The subtle soft pink hue of 'eye BRIGHT' really wakes up the eyes making them appear naturally bigger and brighter.

Award for the best eye brightening pencil definitely goes to Benefit!

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