Tuesday 21 August 2012

Autumn/winter make up trends 2012

Wow!It is that time of year again and I find myself looking forward to the autumn/winter make up trends. If you want to know what to wear and how to wear it then read on...

The most important word to remember is 'colour', it really is in abundance from statement red lips to bright peacock coloured eyes. For serious eye emphasis opt for bright shades of blues, emerald greens, pinks and purples. Also look out for shades of coloured mascara's as these are also back on the fashionista scene. For bold statement lips opt for berry tones, burgundy reds, even purples. Make cheeks more pronounced this autumn/winter with spots of colour; try a rose, pale pink or terracotta.

So now you know what colours to look for just how do you wear them?The trick is to make the trends adapt to you and your style. Make bright eye colours more wearable by smudging them just around the lash line rather than over the entire eyelid. This will achieve a subtle and ultimately more desirable sultry effect. If coloured eyeshadow is still a daunting prospect opt for a flick of eyeliner and coloured mascara with no eyeshadow at all.

If a statement lip seems more appealing than making up your eyes but that burgandy red you have just purchased still looks too daring create a softer stain of the lip colour by patting on with your finger tip or mix a little of the colour with a gloss to create your very own sheer glossy version.

If all of this still seems like too much effort you could change just one simple step in your make up routine like blusher. Try applying it in a new way by adding a spot of colour on the cheeks then blending well, maybe try choosing a new shade aswell. It really is amazing how by making just one small change can update your look and make you feel great.

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