Friday, 16 October 2009

Unlocking niki's make-up vault...

A-ha! At last, I have joined the virtual world of blogging. I am now an official blogger! A massive welcome to niki's new make-up vault blog. I aim to unlock and unleash to the blogging world my personal make-up related experiences, knowledge and expertise. To make this straight forward for the reader every time I add a blog to the make-up vault it will be under one of the following three headings.
Inspired (My inspirations!)
Past & present (Make-up artists and period make-up)
In the news (Product buzz, Events and updates on my personal work)
If you like the sound of that follow my blog and keep updated with what is going on in the hidden depths of niki's make-up vault.

A little introduction first...
My name is Niki, I am a make-up artist. I studied a degree in make-up and hair at The London college of Fashion. Since graduating I have worked as a make-up artist at numerous fashion shows,shoots and events including both London and Milan fashion weeks. I have worked for brands including MAC, Laura Mercier and Daniel Sandler which has given me some fabulous opportunities taking part in some of the greatest fashion shows of all time including Fashion Rocks . I have previously worked as a MAC resident trainer where I was often known as a walking and talking product knowledge manual! Sad, but true, hence part of the reason why I was training I guess. I had some unforgettable experiences there including a very memorable training seminar in L.A no less, with an interesting trip to the Playboy mansion...
In most recent years I have been working as a hair and make-up artist for magazines doing a mixed bag of fashion and beauty make-up as well as make overs. I also specialise in bridal make-up and enjoy making my clients feel calm and relaxed on the most special day of their lives. Who knows where my future as a make-up artist will lead next but one thing I do know is the life of a make-up artist is never dull!

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  1. hello!!!! so nice to see your blog! I have just started one as well... i can put yours up as one of my links if you like! hope all is well!