Sunday, 7 October 2012

Mavala MAVA-WHITE for yellow nails!

It is not very often I come across a really fabulous product that gives instant results so I had to share this one!

MAVA-WHITE Optical nail whitener by Mavala comes in a 10ml glass bottle complete with application brush.

It is recommended for yellow/discoloured nails, due to specific pigments that react to the UV light.

MAVA-WHITE can be worn alone to make nails appear whiter.  It  is also a great choice for men if they are concerned about the appearance of their nails ie. if they are stained due to nicotine as it has a matt finish.

It is perfect worn over base coat before applying a natural nail colour, a french manicure or simply a topcoat.

My nails looked instantly whiter this will be a staple item for me from now on that I highly recommend.

Available online at Amazon.

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