Tuesday, 25 November 2014

New Make-up kit additions!

This weekend I went Christmas shopping but as you can see ended up make-up kit shopping instead!
I absolutely love KIKO cosmetics and their flagship store at Oxford Circus is absolute make-up heaven, if you still haven't seen or tried KIKO cosmetics do check it out. The quality and pay-off of products is excellent, the packaging is sleek and simple and the prices are just fabulous! I got a few different foundations to try one is hydrating and for all skin types the other is a matte finish and longwear and in the words of Make-up supreme Val Garland "MattTastic".
I also got a clear lipgloss that volumizes and plumps lips, the application wand is perfect to use I am very impressed with this product and nearly want to keep it for myself! I thought I would try the black liquid eyeliner as my one is getting low and again this product is great,longwear and waterproof you will need to use a good eye make-up remover to get it off.  Lastly I have tried some of the cleansing wipes that gently exfoliate skin on side then cleanse to remove on the other.
I also popped to MAC to stock up on one of my all time favourite foundations Face & Body and popular lipgloss shades.

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