Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush collection

I purchased five of the seven brushes available as these are the ones I could unbelievably justify needing!

Those of you already familiar with the original Real Techniques brushes that launched in Boots in the UK a few years back will love these new additions that are more premium and also somewhat more designed towards professional use.

They come in three colours rose gold, gold and silver and unusually do not have rounded handles so they will not roll when laying flat.  They are also weighted so super easy to control as well as having a narrow end to easily fit into any style brush holder.

The brushes are made from premium tapered nylon fibres so can be used with both cream/liquid and powder based products.  The synthetic hair also means they are cruelty free : )

Gold  brushes include:.
100 Flat domed face powder "I love the super soft feel of this brush"
101 Triangular foundation "the shape does help to blend product into the facial contours well"

Rose Gold brushes:
301 Flat contour "a very dense brush to be used with caution. In my opinion definitely best handled by a pro!"
300 Blush "I did not purchase this as I have small blush brushes already but it would be equally as soft as the powder brush"

Silver brushes:
200 Oval shadow "this brush is particularly good for building up cream eyeshadow but I also love this for applying concealer as I tend to prefer larger concealer brushes".
201 Tapered socket "...again quite a dense brush which needs some control probably best left to pro's"
202 Eyeliner/brow " I did not purchase as I have too many already!"

Overall I love them! They are visually gorgeous brushes and feel luxuriously soft.

My personal favourite is the 'Tapered Socket 200 Brush' it is perfect for applying concealer like a pro!

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