Friday 14 July 2017

My Summer Makeup Tips.

Survive the heat like a true Beach Goddess with my Expert Tips!

Less is more. Do not try to layer on too many products such as moisturiser, eye cream, primer and long wear makeup.

A primer suited to your skin type will keep makeup in place. However if your foundation is a good long wearing one why use primer as well? For example Estée Lauder Double Wear is a staple in my kit, for those who like full coverage it simply doesn't budge.  
Like wise MAC Face & Body creates a natural dewy skin that is waterproof. 
My current favourite Primer is by Maybelline, they have some really great products do check them out!
Do opt for products that say long lasting, long wearing or waterproof. Stains will also be a good long wearing choice.

Always use an eye primer as this will even the skin tone before eyeshadow creating a perfect canvas for true eyeshadow colours to show.  This does not happen if you apply a colour directly to the eyelid without a neutral primed eye first. MAC Paint pot in 'Soft Ochre' is my favourite eyebase, it is ideal to apply colours on top of, long wearing and crease proof.
Always layer products a little at a time for extra longevity.  For example apply a little shadow, blend, apply a little more, blend, apply a little more. This will keep colour on much longer than quickly sweeping some powder across the lids.  Same with blusher I will quite often go back to blush at the end of a makeup and add a little more. With lip colour apply a lip pencil all over the lip lightly first then apply colour, blot and apply colour again.

I must give a shout out to Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour long lasting lip colours these stay on great and at a reasonable price, much better than some of the premium brands I have tried.
Always set makeup well with powder.  Use a powder puff for a well set finish and a brush for a lighter touch depending on how oily your skin becomes through the day. I love MAC Blot Powder, it is a staple in my kit and my personal makeup bag, medium dark is a good shade that suits a lot of people.   

Lastly if you really have problems with your makeup wearing off you can invest in a makeup setting spray.  That's a makeup setting spray not a HAIRSPRAY it is never a good idea to do this no matter what you have heard or seen!  Urban Decay offers a range of great ones to choose from.

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