Friday 2 March 2018

"Friday Fave!"

Back with my "Friday Fave" finally!

This week's is MIO Liquid Yoga, I love this homeopathic space spray.

It can be sprayed in the house or office wherever you may need to create a calm zen.  Spritz onto pillows, yoga mats, car and pulse points.

I love spraying this around my home its smells divine and instantly calms, and a spritz on the pillow before bed aids sleep.

Contains Lavandin (slightly more intense than lavender) to relax, Cypress to strengthen resolve, Citrus Landaniferus to aid anxiety, Lavender to relax, lemon to help alertness, chamomile to lift energy and Mandarin to calm and revive.

A secret weapon for today's busy lifestyles!

Available at Space NK 150ml Bottle is £19.50

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