Tuesday, 31 March 2020

March Update!

On the 24th February my husband and I headed off to sunny Barbados to celebrate our recent 40th birthday's.  We had such an amazing time, our first visit to the Caribbean and hopefully not our last. We retuned to England on the 8th March to an increasingly worrying COVID-19 situation in the UK.
It is a very difficult and worrying time for all of us at the moment.  I have lost all of my work for the next few months at least.  I also had to cancel my Mothers Day Makeup workshop due to the situation which was very disappointing for me.  I am however keeping busy with work that I often think about doing that I never have time to do, like 'Supplier Saturday' blog posts which will be starting on Saturday April 4th.  I have wanted to do this Q&A style blog post with other wedding suppliers for some years now but I never had the time to prioritise it.  This week I have written up five of these posts already with more to come!

Beautiful Barbados!  Happier times...

The Caribbean Sunsets were stunning to watch every day with a sundowner or two!

Getting in touch with nature, switching off and relaxing was wonderful although most of the good has now been undone on my return home!

Our hotel was near to a racetrack, early in the morning they bathe the horses in the sea after training. We got up at 6am to walk to the beach to see this, it was definitely worth it!

Rihanna's home where she grew up! A visit had to be done thanks to ours taxi driver.

The view from Cherry Tree Hill after a visit to St Nicholas Abbey.

We stayed at https://sugarbaybarbados.com and highly recommend.

I retuned to England a week before the social distancing began.  I managed to meet a few lovely Brides for their trials before having to sadly stop doing trials altogether.

Testing out the face mask before clients! It is hard as Beauticians, Makeup Artists, Hairstylists and Manicurists as it is impossible to adhere to a two metres distance apart rule. Sufficed to say I had one VIP client, a Bride and then I downed tools... after sanitising my entire kit obsessively!

Kit essentials!
1. MAC Brush cleanser.
2. Isopropyl Alcohol
3. Hand Sanitiser

A new Kit essential item to sanitise my tools, note the gloves! For my last job I wore a mask and gloves as a precaution as I have asthma.  It was interesting having to work in this way and I wonder if this could become more the norm' now in the future.

Bridal Makeup for Rachel www.nikimakeup.co.uk
Wedding Hair www.hairbyjaydean.com

Saturday 21st March was my last wedding for a while, it went ahead despite the odds and with a lot of changes but Bride Rachel was stress free and enjoyed her day.

My vanity station in my home studio is redundant for a while so it has now become another work space as my husband, also working from home has taken over my office desk!

For the foreseeable future I will be working in isolation at home...

For all enquiries please contact nikimakeup@aol.com

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