Monday 27 April 2020

April Update!

I have actually been enjoying lockdown having time to just slow down has been so lovely!  Aside from the small fact of not earning any money being freelance I am enjoying the time to be more mindful.
I have realised just how busy I am and how much I rush around. From now on I aim to actually just do less, venture out less to have more time! I have read two book's in a week and am now on a third, something I never have time do except on holiday usually.
I am also using the slower pace to catch up on the thing's that I love to do that usually take a back seat, like my passion for art.  I have started with some therapeutic pebble painting which certainly helped me to entertain myself over the long easter weekend.
I have begun meditating most days, enjoyed cycling with my husband which has made me feel like a kid again as I haven't cycled in years! I also have a new found love of jazz music!
With the weather being mostly glorious I have taken full advantage of being able to spend time outside in the garden and enjoy beautiful daily countryside dog walks.  The spring flowers have been absolutely stunning his year.

Mum surprised us with a lovely arrival of flowers for Easter.

I actually had two Hotel Chocolate easter egg's as well but I gobbled these too quickly for photos!

Work wise, 2021 is looking very busy now as a lot of this year's brides have re-scheduled their dates to next year plus I have also been taking new booking's. I am keeping myself very busy blogging, painting, training, and doing accounts and website updates.

Have you started anything new during Lockdown? I would love to know!

Niki x

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