Tuesday 14 April 2020

Tuesday Tip: Twenty Lipstick fixes!

Twenty Lipstick Fixes! 

*Choose matte lipsticks or long-wearing formulas for less re-touching.

*Opt for nude shades, similar shades to your own lip colour to make the lips appear fuller.

*Choose a shade or two darker than your lip tone if you want to make your lips appear smaller.

*Use a lip brush for precision when using reds or darker shades.

*Choose a blusher in the same colour family as your chosen lipstick.

*Use two shades of lipstick, apply the lighter shade to the centre of the lips to give the illusion of a fuller pout.

*Apply lip gloss to the centre of the lips and press lips together to avoid the gloss migrating.

*Do apply lip liner to define your lip shape, choose a shade darker or similar to your lip tone.

*Use a lip pencil to fill in the entire lips in short feathery strokes before applying lipstick this is a great base to lock in your lipstick for longer.

*Always sharpen your lip liner prior to use to achieve the best line.

*When wearing red or a bold colour it is good to apply a little concealer with a brush to the outside edge of your lips afterwards to keep the lip line clean and sharp.

*Layer lip colour by applying two or three coats of lipstick, blot with a tissue between each coat for longer lasting colour.

*Bright lipstick shades will draw attention to your teeth so make sure you are happy with that.

*Blot lip colour with a tissue to remove excess colour, you can also dust a little powder on a brush over a veil of tissue held over the lips to set colour in place.  

*Use a finger to keep patting lip colour into the lips this will create a much softer version of the colour.

*Use a highlighter on your cupid's bow to define lips and make lips look fuller.

*Apply a good lip balm prior to lip colour.  Allow long enough for it to sink in the lips and hydrate them, blot before applying lip colour.

*Apply a little concealer or foundation onto the edges of the lips before applying liner and colour, this makes it easier to draw your lip line to its fullest.

*To clean lip brushes and long-wear formulas of lipstick use an oil based eye makeup remover.

*Lastly to avoid the faux par of lipstick on your teeth place your index finger into your mouth, purse your lips around it and pull your finger out. If there is any lipstick on the inside of your lips this will now have transferred onto your fingers.



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