Tuesday, 5 May 2020

TUESDAY TIP: De-Clutter your Make-up Bag!

Spring is well and truly here now so it is as good as time as any to spring clean your make-up bag.

Firstly check the expiry dates on all products (this should be done regularly) and throw out items you have had for too long, ladies you know who you are!! Any makeup that smells, has changed colour or texture or that generally looks dirty throw it!  Every cosmetic has a small open pot logo on the back with a number written inside it, this is the number of months or years it can be used after opening.

Throw out any item you have had for years and never use and any make-up that you have had for over two years should definitely go!
Wipe clean your makeup bag regularly with warm soapy water both inside and out.  Products can be easily and quickly cleaned with a dettol/antibacterial wipe or a similar spray and kitchen towel.

Here is a general guide to how long you should keep makeup:
Mascara - 3-6 months
Eyeliner 3 months-2 years
Powder eyeshadow, blusher, bronzer, powder - 18 months to 2.5 years
Foundation 6 months-2 years
Concealer 6 months-2 years
Lipstick - 2 years

Below are the essentials you should include in your make-up bag for a day and/or evening look.

My Top Ten Make-up Bag Essential items!
Primer/eye primer
Brow colour
Clear brow gel

Inside my current makeup bag!
Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow - I am also finishing up the last of La Mer reparative skin tint spf 30 (now discontinued)
MAC studio finish concealer
Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise creme shadow in shade Jean (used as a primer)
Charlotte Tilbury Barbarella Brown Eyeliner pencil
Nars Isolde Duo eyeshadow plus a Smashbox mixed palette.
MAC Brow duo powder
Charlotte Tilbury Legendary lashes Mascara
Bobbi Brown Pot rouge in Calypso Coral
Chanel Soleil Tan Creme Bronze Universal and NARS Laguna bronzing powder
Maybelline Brow Drama transparent

Keep your makeup brushes and tools such as sponges, pencil sharpener and eyelash curlers separately to your make-up bag. Likewise keep your powder compact and lip colour separately in your handbag to keep with you for touch ups during the day.  In my handbag I keep my trusty MAC Blot powder in shade Medium dark, Tom Ford lip colour in Twist of Fate and a Charlotte Tilbury lip liner in Pillow talk.

It is important to review your makeup regularly, as your face changes colour, texture and general condition with the changing seasons, age, hormones and environment so your makeup should be adjusted accordingly.


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