Thursday, 8 October 2020

FRIDAY FAVE! Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! Mascara

As a long time lover of Charlotte Tilbury 'Legendary Lashes Volume 2' mascara I was eager to try out the new much hyped 'Pillow Talk Push up Lashes!' mascara.

Firstly it looks nice! This mascara is beautifully packaged in rose gold and pale pink, a makeup lovers dream.  

I quickly noticed it is "super" jet black and I mean "super" to without doubt instantly define and add volume to lashes.

Smudge proof, humidity proof and no lash curler is apparently needed... although I have still been using my curlers and have not noticed a significant difference...

This mascara will definitely achieve volume, length and stretch lashes plus has a 24 hour vertical lift effect!

Your eyes will instantly appear bigger, brighter and more awake, now who doesn't want that?

How to apply it and yes you do need instructions!

Firstly hold the mascara wand horizontally and use the flat side of the wand to push up the lashes from the lash root.

Now twist the wand to the brush side and comb through the lashes form the root to the tip, wiggle the bristles from side to side to help separate, define and lift.

Now use the wand vertically to precision paint lashes at the inner and outer corners.

Mascara lesson over!

Now lets get to the technical bit because there definitely is innovative injection moulded mascara paddle brush complete with load, comb and lift technology will lift lashes like air, vertically painting each individual lash (yes, even those tiny awkward ones!). The diamond shaped bristles follow the lash architecture for a magnifying and amplifying effect.  A push-up lash lifting polymer (derived from the Larch tree) helps create a push up vertical lift and hold of the lashes.  Natural waxes like carnauba add body and texture to the formula for weightless volume and a false-lash finish.  Plus it contains KERESTORE 2.0 (keratin) which conditions lashes to create a thicker look and feel.

    This mascara is seriously smart!...maybe a bit too smart even for me.

    Here is my verdict.  Although I love it and the effect it achieves I have to think about what I am doing a bit too much when applying it.  Believe me when I say you could easily get in a mess with this mascara, this takes expert skill and time to apply you simply cannot pop this one on in a hurry.  A bit too much of a "faff" for many but worth it if you want the best lashes you have ever seen perhaps.  Certainly not for everyone but for the lash obsessed looking for the holy grail mascara this might just be it.  I however will be sticking with my Legendary Lashes volume 2 mascara which I am more than happy with and requires less thinking on my part!

    Definitely worth a try but it will be like marmite you will love or hate it!

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