Friday, 5 November 2010

IN THE NEWS: A day in the life...

Wednesday this week started earlier than most at five am due to the tube strike in London. I left the house at 5.40am to miss any potential traffic nightmares. As a result I was at my destination, a beautiful location house in Ealing at 6.20am! It was still dark and felt like the middle of the night, not so surprisingly I felt tired so I tried (emphasis on tried)to snooze in my car as I was at least two hours too early.....

At 8.30am I saw the Photographer arrive so I entered the house, introduced myself and started to set up my kit. I set up at the kitchen table as the light was amazing through the huge glass doors and windows surrounding me. After a quick read of the call sheet the photographer and I realised it was to be a very busy day. The morning consisted of a fashion shoot with four different outfit changes. Hair consisted of natural loose waves and gorgeous shine and the make-up was natural with radiant skin, these remained the same throughout the shoot I just had to tweak the model's hair occasionally and retouch the lipgloss. By 12pm we had covered the fashion shot and set about shooting two options for the magazine cover, once that was in the bag it was time for a well earned lunch break. A delicious selection of sandwiches and cakes were delivered to keep us going!

After lunch I did make-up and hair for two ladies who were being photographed for a fitness article within the magazine. The make-up was very natural and fresh faced and hair was basically in loose ponytails. Finally at 3pm I did hair and make-up for a columist who was to appear in an article in the magazine. The styling consisted of various shades of grey so I opted for two shades of grey on the eyes to create a soft smokey look. Hair was left long and loose with a mixture of soft curls just through the ends of the hair which I created using straightening irons and sea salt spray to give texture.

All in all a very busy shoot day we wrapped at 5pm which was very good considering the amount we did in one day. the journey home was't too hellish either it took me an hour, only twenty minutes longer than it should have taken, considering the tube strike and rush hour that was pretty good going!

Well that's all for now folks! A typical day in the life..

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