Tuesday 10 May 2011


The basics...

  • Six to eight good hours sleep

  • Hydrate with plenty of water throughout the day

  • A healthy diet including fruit and vegetables and excersise at least three times a week

  • A daily routine of moisturing the eye area night and morning. Pat eye products gently around the orbital bone not too close to the eye using your ring finger.

The make up...

  • Apply a tiny amount of peach toned colour corrector onto the dark area under the eye using a make up brush, preferably made from synthetic hair. Pat with fingertip to blend into the skin evenly.

  • Apply a little undereye liteweight concealer, again using a make up brush. Once again, use a fingertip to pat and blend the concealer. Remember, less is more you only need a little amount of product on the brush.

  • Apply a highlighting pen directly to the shadowed area, a tiny amount is necessary. Pat with fingertip to blend and smooth into the skin for a natural finish.

  • Set with a little, light dusing of powder using a small brush. Tap excess powder off the brush before application.

  • Neutralise the colour on your eyelids using a good eyebase before applying any eyeshadow. Set with a Cream or bone coloured matte shadow to achieve the perfect blank canvas before applying colours.

  • Use a liquid/cream/powder highlighter under the browbone and at the inner and outer corner of the eyes dabbed lightly with a finger or a brush to really brighten the eyes.

  • Apply an off white pencil inside the rim of the lower eyelid to awaken the eyes.

  • Apply a lighter eyeshadow on the lid and a deeper shade in the eye socket and outer corner, this will also help to open the eyes .

  • Complete eye make up with mascara and eyeliner to define the eyes.

Niki Loves...

  • Bobbi Brown's peach corrector and Georgio Armani's master corrector

  • Laura Mercier's under eye secret concealer

  • YSL Touche eclat highlighting pen

  • MAC #217 or #224 brushes

  • Laura Mercier Invisible loose setting powder

  • MAC Eyepaint shade: Untitled

  • Highlighters include Daniel sandler watercolour 'Icing', MAC cream colour base 'Pearl' and Benefit 'highbeam'

  • Benefit eyebright pencil

  • MAC and Bobbi Brown eyeshadows

  • Maybelline and Max factor mascaras

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