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Beauty Advent: My Professional Tips.

If you missed any of my Professional Beauty and Make-up Christmas Advent tips! You can see them again here. Enjoy!

Dec’ 1st
Try something new I like using a fan shaped brush to apply bronzing powder instead of your usual dome shaped powder brush.
Apply to cheek bones and forehead for a natural defined finish this winter.
I like Laura Mercier's brush:
A little Christmas fun! My pro' make up and beauty tips, a new tip every day until Christmas Eve. Enjoy!

Dec' 2nd
Nail polish chipping a day or two after applying can be really annoying. Try applying a thin coat of nail polish across the edge of the nail tips this will ensure your nail polish stays chip resistant for much longer.
Apply a base coat followed by two coats of nail colour. On the second coat apply across the nail tips and finish with a top coat. I like to apply this across the tips as well for a perfect finish.
My favourite nail care products can be found here

Dec' 3rd
Try using a flat eyeliner brush to press gel or crème eyeliner at the root of the top eye lashes. Begin at the outer corner of the eye pressing firmly from underneath the lashes at the root (not in the rim) working across to the inner corner. Press the index finger of the opposite hand onto the eye lid to gently push back the lid for ease of application. This method achieves beautifully natural defined eyes.

Dec' 4th
When applying mascara look straight ahead into a mirror ideally magnifying. Apply mascara beginning at the root of the lash using a zig zag technique through to the lash tip. This helps to separate, rid clumps and lengthen eyelashes.  I always suggest applying to the bottom lashes first. If you do apply to the top lashes first, in most cases this usually means you then look up to apply to the bottom lashes.  The top lashes will not yet be dry, resulting in black marks of mascara all over your carefully applied eye shadow.

Dec’ 5th
For a wide awake bright eyed look apply a whitening pencil into the bottom rim of the eye softly. I like to warm the pencil in my palm gently first. My favourite is the Benefit eye BRIGHT pencil; this is a very pale pink so not as stark as a white.  You can also add a little at the inner and outer corner of the eye alternatively you can use a white or similar tone of eye shadow to do this.

Dec' 6th
Apply body and separate face moisturiser immediately after washing while skin is still damp for better absorption and super soft skin.

Dec' 7th
For a youthful, healthy flush of colour apply powder blusher to the apples of the cheeks using a soft haired brush. Use circular motions to blend up and outwards towards the hairline. If blended well this will achieve a modern, fresh look unlike blusher placed along the cheekbones in stripes! The same method can be used for application of crème blusher, apply on the apples then blend with fingertips in circular motions.

Dec' 8th
To clean make-up brushes use a little shampoo and warm water. Wash each brush individually. If you want to give them a real pamper you can use conditioner too! After cleaning each brush lathering shampoo in the palm of your hand, rinse, squeezing out gently any excess water and shape so hairs are not splayed. It is important to dry on a towel/paper towel with the brush over the edge of a work surface so that air can circulate the entire brush head.

Dec' 9th
Always tap off excess powder from brushes before applying make-up products to the face. Follow this simple rule when applying any powder based product for example eye shadow, blusher, bronzer and face powder.
Gently tap the brush against the edge of the compact to achieve a natural finish. Repeat this process adding a little product to the face each time, rather than applying product directly to the face from the compact resulting in heavy application and often a messy finish!

Dec' 10th
When doing a Smokey or a dramatic eye do your eye make-up prior to your foundation as you will more than likely have some 'fall out'  from the dark colours during application.
Then you can easily and quickly clean under the eyes and along the sides of the nose with a wipe and apply foundation and concealer onto clean skin.

Dec 11th
Look after your hands and nails! Every time you wash them apply a hand moisturiser immediately afterwards whilst they are still damp to lock in moisture.  Moisturise cuticles daily using a massaging circular motion and a good cuticle cream. Exfoliate hands once a week using a hand scrub. File nails in one direction only, not back and forth this will avoid nail's splitting.  Always use a base coat and a top coat to achieve a long lasting manicure especially when using darker colours.
Here are some of my favorite's:  Aveda hand relief cream, Mavala cuticle cream, Champney's softening hand scrub, Seche VITE Top coat and OPI Basecoat.

Dec’ 12th
Invest in a set of good quality brushes they do most of the work for you and will last you years!
The eight brushes shown here are my essential recommended brushes you will need to create most make up looks.
1 Dome shaped soft brush to apply bronzing powder/powder blusher.
2 Base brush (synthetic hair) to apply foundation, to blend foundation or used to apply crème blusher.
3 Blending brush to blend eye shadow colours together.
4 Eye shadow brush to apply colours onto the eyelid.
5 Angled eye shadow brush to apply deeper colours into the eye socket to create definition.
6 Angled brush to apply powder through the brows for a natural defined brow.
7 Angled brush no.2 to apply gel, liquid or crème eyeliner
8 Synthetic hair brush to apply concealer as this will be easier to clean than a real hair brush.
My preferred brushes are by
I also highly recommend buying brushes from the following:
A little Christmas fun! My Pro' make up and beauty tips, a new tip every day until Christmas Eve.  Enjoy!

Dec' 13th
Use a clear eyebrow gel after you have filled in brows with colour to define them.  Use the eyebrow gel to brush the brows in an upwards direction then smooth over the top edge of the brow hair with a fingertip.  This will set brows holding them in a neat and tidy shape and will add a subtle, healthy sheen to brow hair.  I like to use Boots No.7 Brow gel or MAC Brow set.

Dec’ 14th
Use a lip pencil to define lips, stop lipstick bleeding and ensure lipstick lasts.
Apply using light, feathering strokes to follow around the lip line as well as all over the lips.
Now you will have an overall base colour for lipstick to adhere to making it last longer. You will also not be left with a lip line when lipstick does eventually start to fade. You can also buy clear transparent lip liners these are particularly good to apply to the lip line if you suffer from lipstick bleeding.

When using eye and lip pencils soften them before use in the warm palm of your hand.
This will ease application as pencils will glide on smoothly and will not drag the skin like a sharp, hard pencil tip will.

Dec' 16th
When using loose glitter within your eye make-up simply dab at skin with either a small piece of sellotape or masking tape to gently and easily lift off any glitter fall out.

Dec' 17th
"Layer" make-up products. This layering technique will help make-up last much longer.
For example after applying eyeliner set the liner with a similar shade of powder over the top.

Dec' 18th
To stop lipstick getting on your teeth this trick works every time. After applying lip colour place your index finger inside your mouth, close your lips around it then pull your finger out.  Any lipstick on the inside of your lips will transfer to your finger.

Dec' 19th
Never squeeze black heads, white heads and skin bumps.  Instead steam your face over a bowl of very hot water. You can also pour boiling water onto a flannel corner and hold closely over a stubborn white head.  You may need to do this a number of times but persistence pays off.  These steaming methods work without damaging the skin.

Dec' 20th
My concealer application tips include using a synthetic haired brush as this will be easy to keep clean.  Apply concealer after you have applied foundation enabling you to place product precisely where you need to.  Brush a little concealer onto the skin at a time, pat into the skin with fingertips. Brush on a little more and again warm into the skin with fingertips for a natural, even coverage. This layering technique helps concealer to last longer and blend into the skin better. Finish by setting with powder.

Dec’ 21st
***My favourite tip*** Do not apply concealer or foundation to the eyelids as these products often have oily formulations and can cause eye shadow to crease and wear off more quickly.  Instead opt for a skin toned eye base, specifically designed to add colour and give opaque coverage to even the skin tone of the eye lid as well as priming the lids so that eye make-up lasts.
A little product goes a long way make sure you do not apply too much to avoid creasing.  These are best applied using a synthetic haired concealer brush. Set the base with a neutral powder eye shadow before applying eye shadow colours on top.
***My favourites***
My preferred choice are MAC's Eyepaint's, these are AMAZING!
Laura Mercier Eye Basics are also a good choice with a good range of colours for all skin tones.
Urban Decay Primer Potion in shade 'Eden'

Dec' 22nd
Exfoliate at least once a week.  You can exfoliate daily if you choose a gentle exfoliator.
Exfoliating the skin is important to rid dead skin cells and help stop pores getting clogged which can lead to breakouts.  Exfoliating promotes healthy, glowing skin.

Dec' 23rd
Achieve an instant eye lift by applying a dab of highlighter under the arch of the brow. You will only need to use a little as highlighter's have a high sheen so a little goes a long way.
I like Benefit's High beam and Moon beam which both have a creamy formulation.  If you prefer a powder finish MAC's Nylon eye shadow is perfect.

Dec' 24th
I recommend never leaving your nails until last thing before you go out as you will inevitably be hurrying them to dry and end up with an irritating smudge or chip.  For super-fast drying nails apply fast drying nail oil over topcoat.
Nail oils add great shine and dry nails super-fast.
I love Mavala's new 'Oil seal dryer' or Leighton Denny's 'miracle drops'.

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