Wednesday 12 December 2012

Beauty Advent

A little Christmas fun!  My Pro' beauty and make up tips, a new tip every day until Christmas Eve. Enjoy!

Dec 12th

Invest in a set of good quality brushes they do most of the work for you and will last you years!
The eight brushes shown here are my essential recommended brushes you will need to create most make up looks.
1 Dome shaped soft brush to apply bronzing powder/powder blusher.
2 Base brush(synthetic hair) to apply foundation, to blend foundation or used to apply crème blusher.
3 Blending brush to blend eye shadow colours together.
4 Eye shadow brush to apply colours onto the eyelid.
5 Angled eye shadow brush to apply deeper colours into the eye socket to create definition.
6 Angled brush to apply powder through the brows for a natural defined brow.
7 Angled brush no.2 to apply gel, liquid or crème eyeliner
8 Synthetic hair brush to apply concealer as this will be easier to clean than a real hair brush.

My preferred brushes are by

I also highly recommend to buy brushes from the following:

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