Wednesday 22 July 2015

My Top ten favourite lip liners!

These are the most popular lip pencils I have in my kit that I find suit most people.

I am particularly loving my new Rubywoo addition from MAC.  This pencil compliment's the iconic popular lipstick in the same shade.

Kiko pencils are affordable, available in a great array of colours and stay on well.

My current obsession is Bobbi Brown's Ballet pink, a beautiful shade of light pink with just the right amount of colour!

Charlotte Tilbury lip pencils are divine and super long wearing, MAC are all "oldies but goodies" and Boots No.7 nude is also a good staple in my kit.

1. Boots No.7 nude (nude brown)
2. Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk (nude pink)
3. Charlotte Tilbury iconic nude (nude brown)
4. MAC Subculture (nude pink)
5. MAC Dervish (pink)
6. MAC Oak (nude brown)
7. MAC Rubywoo (strong red)
8. Bobbi Brown Ballet Pink (natural pink)
9. Kiko Smart liner 703 (coral)
10. Kiko smart liner 702 (natural red)

I hope this helps you in finding the right shade!

Happy shopping get in touch if you have any questions

Next up on my blog my top tips for applying lip liners.  Watch this space....

Niki X

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