Tuesday 28 July 2015

My top tips for applying lip liner!

So you have the perfect lip liner now how best to apply it?

Lip pencils will help lipstick not to bleed over the natural lip edge, keeps lipstick in place longer as well as adding definition to your lips which unfortunately becomes even more necessary as we age!

Always use a freshly sharpened pencil for best results, I tend to warm the pencil tip in the centre of my palm before application so that the pencil glides onto the lips comfortably and smoothly without dragging.

Begin applying pencil to the centre of your upper lip first then to the centre of the bottom lip finally joining up the outer corners.

If you are looking to create a strongly defined lip you are best to apply your lipstick colour first then fill in and define the lip line with an 'ever so slightly darker' lip pencil afterwards.

For a natural look or to give a good lip base for lipcolour to adhere to it is ideal to fill in the entire lip with pencil prior to applying lipstick.

For best results work in short, light feathery strokes with the pencil rather than pressing too hard and trying to draw a solid line. This technique also makes it easier to slightly overdraw the lip line if you are looking to create a fuller lipped look.

Again, for a natural look either match the pencil to your natural lip tone or to the natural lipstick colour you have chosen.

When using strong or bright colours match the lipstick colour to the lip pencil shade. Apply pencil before bold colours for best results and then touch up the edges if necessary after the lipstick is applied.  You can also tidy up imperfect edges with a cotton bud (the pointed ones are best) dipped in a little eye makeup remover or a little concealer or foundation on a brush.

Opt for pencils in shades of light pink, brown and nude to make lips appear fuller as darker shades of plum, brown and berry may make lips appear smaller.

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