Friday, 8 March 2019

Friday Fave! Omorovicza Gold Flash Firming Serum

If you are looking to indulge in luxurious skincare then this is surely it!

I have been using the Omorovicza Gold Flash Firming Serum for a couple of months now and I really love the feel of the product and the fact my skin instantly looks and feels healthy and radiant.  I must say I do think the clarity of my skin has improved overall as well.

It is not cheap at £140.00 available at Space NK This is certainly a luxury purchase but I have always chosen to spend more on skincare and I believe this is worth the price tag.

This serum will reduce the signs of ageing by hydrating, smoothing and firming the skin.  It also heals and repairs micro damaged and uneven skin. The complexion instantly appears brighter and healthier.

The serum contains Collodial gold which has inflammatory properties.

An oil free formula suitable for all skin types including sensitive.

*If you are not familiar with face serums this should be used in conjunction with your moisturiser. Apply this first as it will penetrate the skin deeper to deliver the active ingredients then apply your moisturiser on top.

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