Wednesday 3 June 2020

May Update! Warning contains a lot of Dog photos!

A little late with my May Update as the days all merge together lately.

I have been doing a lot of painting and drawing during May to keep myself motivated and busy. Also taking lots of lovely dog walks in the marvellous spring sunshine we have been so lucky to enjoy.

I have also been looking at my current hygiene practices in preparation for when I return to work which have always been high priority for me but now will have to be increased even more where possible. I have taken Barbicide Hygiene training and Barbicide Covid-19 hygiene training, purchased lots of disposables, hand sanitiser, cleaner and disinfectant to use regularly in-between clients.  All clients will be made aware of how makeup and/or hair bookings will be taking place going forward via both direct email and social media.  I am planning a separate blog post on this as well.

I have become a founding member of The Association of British Wedding Businesses.  It is positive that the bridal industry now has an overall body and more importantly a voice.


I had lots of fun picking wild flowers which inspired me to do some hairstyling on my dolly head and accessorise the styles with flowers.

My little munchkins!  I warned you there would be dog photos! They are loving having us at home all the time... it is going to be shock for them when we have to go back to work.

Someone had a lockdown birthday! He is actually smiling here!

Desperately in need of a long overdue haircut...

Waiting in the car and got a little bored so I made us into a cartoon!

Before & after Haircuts!

My lovely Mum sent us a lockdown cake! It was yummy!

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