Tuesday 23 June 2020

Tuesday Tip! Double-Duty Beauty!

If you are pulling in the purse strings or just partial to a beauty trick I hope my favourite 'double-duty' beauty tips can help you!

BB cream, this is great to apply to legs to banish any imperfections.

Bronzing powder, my favourite trick is to use bronzing powder as an eyeshadow or to blend through the eye socket to add definition.

Concealer, if you are out of foundation you can always use a small amount of concealer mixed with moisturiser to give you a base.  This can also be used lightly over the lips as a primer before applying colour.

Creme Blush, will easily double up as a great lip colour simply pat lightly onto the lips for a subtle colour.

Eyebrow Pencil, this can double up as an eyeliner. Warm the tip of the pencil in your palm before application to soften, this will stop it dragging the skin as eyebrow pencils will be harder than eyeliner pencils.

Lipbalm, can tame flyaways, smooth brows, hydrate dry skin patches, highlight skin and moisturise cuticles.

Lipstick, apply a dot to each cheek and blend out well with your finger tips for a complimentary flush of colour to your lipstick of choice.

Mascara, paint onto a separate eyeliner brush to apply as eyeliner.

Mini shampoos, use left over travel size shampoos or hotel freebies to wash your makeup brushes.

Toothbrush, use this to exfoliate lips gently, brush gently through lashes to separate and brush through brow colour to take out excess for a natural look.

I would love to know your double duty beauty tricks, comment below!

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