Tuesday, 9 June 2020

TUESDAY TIP FOR BRIDES! Have 2 Bridal Emergency kits!

It is a great idea to have a couple of bridal emergency kit's on your wedding day to help with anything unexpected, which trust me will likely happen!  I have worked at hundreds of weddings now and these thing's in my recommended emergency kit lists below I have seen get requested time and time again.  Often they have been forgotten about entirely amongst all of the more important pre-wedding things to do.  I am sure I must get asked for a pair of nail scissors at every wedding I am working at!

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The first emergency kit is to have with you on the wedding morning whilst all of the fun bridal preparations are taking place with rest of your bridal party.

Kit One
Nail scissors
Nail polish remover
Nail polish clear or a nude shade
Nail file
Small deodorant
Travel toothpaste & spare toothbrush
Anti-histamine tablets
Bottled water & snacks
Tampons/Sanitary towels
Needle & thread/small sewing kit
Anti-bac wipes or gel
Universal phone charger

The second emergency kit is take along with you on the wedding day for use throughout the day.    Simply add the contents to a small bag and give it to a bridesmaid or mum to keep safe for you.

Kit Two
Hair grips
Small hairspray
Powder compact with mirror
Lip colour
Cotton buds
Safety pins and pins

The motto is 'be prepared', for example there will always be a hungry bridesmaid even if you won't be!

Happy wedding planning,

Niki x

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