Thursday 14 October 2021

Can I wear SPF on my Wedding day?

SPF can cause flashback in photographs taken using a flash.  Flash back is a white cast that appears on the skin in photographs. 

The main ingredients causing this are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.  Silica and Silver Mica often found in mineral makeup and high definition powder because of the silky smooth finish they achieve are also a major culprit.

Be mindful when choosing 'Illuminating' and 'light reflecting' highlighters, moisturisers, primers, setting sprays, concealers and foundations as these can also increase the risk.  

Sunscreen products are designed to bounce light off the skin so therefore are definitely best avoided. 

It is worth noting SPF will not cause flash back with digital photography.

The safest foolproof way to avoid it is to not use SPF on the wedding day.  

Charlotte Tilbury now has a Primer SPF 50 that has no flashback I use this on most of my bridal clients as it keeps makeup in place, adds glow and smooths pores as well as protecting the skin. I  recommend this although when studying the ingredient list is also contains titanium dioxide.

There definitely are cosmetic products containing these ingredients that can be used, I advise always testing by taking a flash photograph before the big day.  For example, I have used Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in my professional kit forever and never had any flashback issues however I know a lot of people do with this particular foundation that contains SPF 10.  It could be down to the amount used/how it is applied as I use very little normally as I like to achieve natural looking skin or the powders that are used on top of it to set the makeup.

Chemical SPFs often used in makeup will also not cause it however mineral SPF such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide mentioned above can.  This is because of the opaque white pigments designed to reflect the suns harmful rays, reflect a camera flash on top of this and you are left with a white appearance.

Below are just some of the famous faces that have been caught out in the past!

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