Monday, 28 February 2022

February Update!

I cannot believe as I sit writing this tomorrow is the 1st of March time is flying past this year so far! Oh and not to mention one of my favourite days of the year Shrove Tuesday, which means pancakes lots of pancakes!

I have just returned from a few days break in the Cotswolds as I had a wedding at beautiful Caswell house on Saturday and it was also the 25 year anniversary of when my husband and I met so we thought it would be nice to escape.  We had such a lovely stay touring the lovely Cotswold villages, there really is so many things to see and do there and we were lucky the weather was so unusually sunny with perfect cloudless blue skies although absolutely freezing!

Wedding venue goals at Caswell house with a lovely bridal prep' room as well.  Check out those glorious  February blue skies!

I have been busy with trials this month ahead of spring summer weddings and also had four weddings so a very early start this year for wedding season!  I am also very booked up this year now although I do have a few gaps here and there and I am taking 2023 bookings, indeed I had a 2004 enquiry today!

Lots of hair styling lately, part up part down styles are always a favourite and a timeless option.

Looking forward to a very busy March, I am just generally trying to keep on top of things at the moment as I have never been so busy and there is only one of me!

I am so looking forward to brighter warmer days ahead...roll on Spring.

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