Thursday, 3 February 2022

What to do before a Bridal Hair & Make-up trial!

Collate any images of hair and makeup styles you like and may be considering ahead of your trial, also any dress images and general colour scheme and styling ideas are great to show and discuss with your hair and makeup artist.

Do give your hair and makeup artist as much information and detail about your day as possible so they can offer professional advice on timings and general bridal preparations on the wedding day.

Have clean dry hair ahead of your appointment and no use of straightening irons if you want those curls or waves to hold.

Wear a white or light coloured top to best reflect the bridal makeup.  Obviously if you are wearing a coloured wedding dress wear a similar shade.

Bring along any hair accessories or a veil to your trial if you have them.

If you have a favourite lip colour you would ideally like to wear, take it to the trial to test with the bridal makeup look.

If you are having separate hair and makeup artists try, if possible, to arrange trials on the same day so that you can see the hair and makeup look together.

Have any questions or concerns prepared ahead of your appointment to discuss.

Be open minded and listen to the professional advice offered as it may be different to what you think.

The most important thing is to be honest, if there is something you do not like you must say, after all the purpose of the trial is to get the desired look for the wedding day.

Have a trial earlier in the day if possible so you can see how well it lasts and always give feedback to your hair and makeup artist if something has not lasted well so that they can make the necessary adjustments on the wedding day.


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