Wednesday, 1 October 2014

September update!

The highs...
It was my birthday this month so I had lots of fun celebrating.
I had a week's holiday on the Amalfi coast which was AMAZING!
Finally I started a beginners Spanish course after years of saying I am going to.
I have had some lovely client shoots and wedding /special occasion make up's this month
I have been lucky enough to have had two wonderful wine tasting experiences in September..cant be bad : )

The lows...
I have spent the last week and a half knocked for six with a horrible throat virus, I am slowly on the mend but I am not quite there yet!
On a lighter note I have eaten a whole jar of honey in a week, consumed over ten lemsips and four packs of throat lozenges as well as drinking a gazillion cups of tea I fear my teeth may fall out shortly to finish me off!

Some of my September pictures below : )

Just some of the beauties above that I did make up or hair styling for.
Birthday at Roux at Parliament Square

 Amalfi coast holiday

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