Wednesday 1 July 2020

June Update!

June has been spent mostly practicing hair styling, doing lots of painting and drawing, working with brides on postponed weddings and prepping a lot of hygiene and PPE for when I am able to return to work.

Firstly, yes, for one day I was THAT person... I made lemon drizzle cake and chocolate brownies although I forgot to photograph those.  

What changes have you made during Lockdown? I would love to know so do comment below.
Change is always good! If life is not going as you want it to make a change, nothing will get better staying in the same funk!
I start most weekdays with pilates and meditation to me keep me fit, in a good mindset and calm.  Although pilates is not a new thing for me except I am doing my own sessions at home during Lockdown whereas I used to go to classes.  
I have made some Lockdown changes though and I do think they have made a difference.  I have started meditating each morning on weekdays to calm me and put my head in a good space for the day ahead.  I drink green tea occasionally now which I could never stomach before lockdown so this is a big change.  I have been cycling occasionally too with my husband which I haven't done since being a child when I was always on my bike.  I am also being more mindful of my thoughts, feelings and behaviours and making more time for me to just do the stuff I love to do like drawing and painting.

I started my Etsy store in 2018 when I had a creative patch and then didn't do anything with it so lockdown has been great to get back into creating some illustrations and paintings to add to my shop.  I also love painting pebbles which I find is both fun and therapeutic, these make great paper weights and keepsakes.

I have spent my whole career working from the back of my hand as a palette this has to change! I have brought this clever little palette that attaches to your hand and now I have to practice working a little differently form now on.

Following so many postponed 2020 weddings as well as new bookings being taken 2021 is looking to be a very busy year.  Do enquire and reserve your wedding date with me soon if you are interested in booking me.

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