Saturday, 4 July 2020

Super Supplier Saturday! Personal Trainer James Lenaghan

This month's Super Saturday Wedding Supplier is James Lenaghan, Personal Trainer at New Mission in Harpenden, Hertfordshire.
He began his career in the late nineties and since then has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience as a health and fitness professional. He constantly updates his knowledge  by training with various experts in their fields as well as combining his own ideas to achieve optimum results with his clients.
New Mission is an extensively equipped fitness suite with an onsite treatment room set in an exclusive and private environment, the perfect place to help you reach your personal fitness and weight loss goals.  Packages are tailored to suit each individual.

James Lenaghan Q&A:

How do I find the right trainer/training regime for me?

Do your research. Use a personal trainer to define exactly what you want to achieve for your goal set.  Rely on referrals. Results speak volumes. 

How long will it take me?

Each goal is individual & timescale dependant. Get some guidance don’t wing it. 

What do I eat? 

A nutritionally balanced diet to suit your profiling.  
Get sound advise and be careful what you read. 

When should I purchase my dress with my target weight in mind? 

Be smart 🤓 &...

Tips for brides to be?

Take Time - enjoy the journey and try not to leave it to the last minute.. 

What does New Mission offer brides to be?

Clear goal setting 
A Training programme & Nutritional profiling to achieve your own specific goals for your special day
One to one PT with access to all NM classes

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