Thursday 18 November 2021

The Top 3 Questions I always get asked on a Wedding Morning!

A wedding morning is a flurry of activity mostly with bridesmaids and mums often getting ready altogether amongst hair and makeup artists, videographers and photographers.

I have been working in the bridal industry now for over fifteen years and I have seen and heard a lot, I could write a book! There are some questions I literally get asked all the time so I thought I would share my top three with you for a bit of pre-wedding insight!

Do you have any scissors? 

This has to be the number one question that I am asked at literally almost every wedding.  Those pesky little tags left on dresses, veils, hats, accessories and clutch bags are surprisingly more often than not left until the very last minute to be removed!

Which side do the Mum's wear their corsage?

I have an easy way to remember this one on the Big Day! On the right because women are always right!

Is the Makeup waterproof? What do I do if I cry?

Yes the makeup I use is all waterproof and long wearing as well as being applied in layers and set to last well, especially the eye-liner and mascara.  It is a given that most will shed a tear or two at the very least at an emotional event such as a wedding day especially following the Pandemic with weddings being able to finally go ahead after such a long wait.  It has been an emotional roller coaster for many couples and those working within the bridal industry. I always advise gentle dabbing with a tissue and the makeup should not be disturbed.

There are certainly a lot of other questions that are asked all the time such as can I borrow hairspray, does anyone have a safety pin, does anyone know how to tie a cravat, can I borrow a makeup brush, does anyone have any wet wipes, can I grab a plaster.... the list goes on....but the three above are by far the most popular so don't be caught out save time and cut off those tags in advance!  Pack a tissue for those tears and impress everyone with your corsage knowledge!

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