Tuesday 10 December 2013

Kiko cosmetics

I have to give a well worthy mention to the Italian professional make-up brand 'Kiko cosmetics' as I think they are fabulous!

Last year I purchased a coral nail colour and a smart lip pencil to try while I was in Spain as they were around two euros per item! I assumed at this price they would not be as good as they looked. I couldn't have been more wrong. The lip liner has a great colour payoff, feels very good on and lasts. Likewise the nail colour is long wearing, vivid colour that applies well.

Whilst on a Christmas visit to Berlin this month I visited another Kiko store and this time had a good play for at least an hour or more!  I purchased a lipstick to try, this I am amazed by it is long wearing, feels so nice on and the packaging is great to boot all this for just 5 euros! I brought a few more lip pencils for my kit and some palette eyeshadows which I am also pleased with. Kiko have different sized eye palettes starting from just three shades so you can choose your own colours from their wide array to go in them.

I left the store with over ten items and only spent around £43.00!

I think their products are super affordable, very good quality and mostly well packaged.

Purchase in the UK at Westfield and the new Kiko store on Regent street also online at www.kikocosmetics.co.uk

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