Saturday 28 December 2013

Lucas' Papaw Ointmentment!

This product I have long underrated until now!  It has been knocking about in my kit for at least a year. I recently started using it more when I ran low on Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream which is similar.  It is however less shiny and less sticky than Eight hour cream.

Lucas' Papaw has many great uses including helping burns, dry skin conditions, sores, bites and as a intense moisturizer.  I know models that slather this on the entire face when flying to keep their skin super hydrated!

This was my absolute go-to product on my recent honeymoon in Mauritius.  My bites were banished instantly with a dab of this wonderful ointment and the itching immediately stopped.  After my awful cold my lips and nose were sore and dry but this soothed and banished redness and dryness so much quicker than it would be normally.
Even my husband was converted to use it as a lip balm and he will not use anything usually.

I personally love to dab this onto the tops of cheekbones to achieve a gorgeous dewy glow and worn over lipcolour it keeps lips perfectly dewy and hydrated.

This is a firm staple in my make-up kit and my make-up bag from now on!

Available at and
Price £9-£12

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